I’m proud to present you Mike Engineering Repair And Services (MERAS bvba).

You can rely on more than 2 decades of experience (Marine, industry & residence) in service, inspections, repair and installation of electric equipment / upgrades (plc’s, frequency drives, alarm & monitoring, generator protection & etc.) 

The most common brands in automation industry can be serviced/repaired or exchanged by new alternative European brands. The focus of Meras will be to save energy/fuel by the newest technologies. Some examples of application in close co-operation with some major suppliers will be shaft grid application(VFD), energy backup, hybrid propulsion, PMS to support generator(s) by batteries. Solar back-up by batteries for residence, small business and warehouses. There will also be 24/7 service support in the most world ports for inspection, trouble shooting/repair or upgrade obsolete equipment. If you have difficulties to find electric/electronic spare parts (temp sensors, level switches, speed controller, etc. ) or you are looking for alternative parts/repair of electronic cards you can send your inquiry mail to and will reply in the shortest possible time with an answer.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Resseler

Meras Demo ESS solar battery back-up equipment can be monitored by clicking on the link down below.




  • Energy & fuel saving application by VFD shaft grid- , hybrid ship propulsion - & lithium battery application in close corporation with partners and makers.

  • MRV will become fully effective on 01/01/2018 to record following parameters: ETD & ETA, CO2 emitted, distance, time spend at sea including the date and hour, cargo carried and much more. Meras can help you with read out for registration regarding fuel tank monitoring, flow-meters reading or measurements by CO2 sensors to send collected data over on board Lan-network or 3G/4G to shore to be used with reporting tools.
  • Trouble shooting at electric / electronic installations (Alarm & monitoring, generator protection and etc.) 24/7 in the most ports in the world.

  • Exchange obsolete automation equipment (plc, frequency drive’s , HMI panels, exchange switchboard circuit breakers and etc. )

  • Pre-docking, preventive maintenance, unbalanced phase inspection and by IR-camera.

  • Upgrade old existing control equipment by new up to date equipment.

  • Supervision during electrical docking repair & maintenance.

  • Spare parts and repair of electronic devices

  • Etc. 



  • Veilig en snel thuis laden met een EV-BOX, EVLink voor elektrische/plug hybride wagens van diverse fabrikanten kunnen door Meras geleverd en indien gewenst geïnstalleerd worden. Meer info neem gerust contact op via de contactpagina.
  • Energie opslagtoepassingen voor PV en windmolen installatie's.
  • Parlophone en videofoon installatie.

  • Domotica.

  • Enz 



  • Solar energy back-up applications.
  • Trouble shooting at electric/electronic installations 24/7.

  • Exchange obsolete automation equipment (plc, frequency drive’s , HMI panels end etc. )

  • Upgrade and modernisation of electrical cabinets according the latest applied safety rules.

  • Etc.